about us

YOURTAPE is commited to trying to help you get the job.


As a professional actor myself, I understand how important it is to prepare well and stand out. It's important to make the most of each self tape opportunity. You want to make the biggest impression through your acting abilities, knowing the casting director cannot meet you in person. I want to give you the best possible audition tape so that you go away entirely happy you have done your best. No-one likes the waiting game after auditions so the least you should feel is content.


YOURTAPE aims to make the process as fun and relaxed as possible so that you feel totally comfortable onscreen.


I have a vast experience across stage and screen, working alongside some of the biggest actors, directors and producers in the entertainment industry. I can offer a good voice to read in the scenes with and also offer any constructive feedback. i am also happy to improvise around any scenes you may wish. If you would prefer to bring someone else along to read in, this is of course absolutely fine...but they have to bring their own teabag....NOT.

Likewise if you wish to record in your own space, I am happy to travel at a small additional cost.


£20 1st hour

£25 2nd hour

£30 3rd hour +


To travel with equipment £10


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