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Your self tape. Read your way. Shot your way

Cuppa tea, coffee or hot chocolate to discuss the scenes, how you want to set them up & how to get the best out of them on screen. This bit - is off the clock!

Lets start shooting!

Shot in HD video on

Canon 70D w.50mm lens for high quality portraiture focus.

We talk through each take as we go and watch play back whenever you wish.

Once you are happy we upload the files onto the computer, choose your favourite scenes, make your title card and shrink the relevent files.


Your self tape is ready and we can send it straight to your agent or casting director so that you can book that sweet gig!

Delighted to introduce our YOURTAPE annual membership card #TAPE365.


For a small annual fee you will receive:


* UNLIMITED Selftapes 

(pending booking availability)


*Access to our OVERTIME scheme, allowing us more chance to fit you in.


* 15% customer discount to 5 referrals.


* The most important thing...

   A lovely shiny membership card to bulk out ur



As always...if you book the get the hourly price of that selftape back. We like to keep actors working...and actors earning.


For more details please email 

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